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Courtly Manners Are Contagious 

  • I surround myself with gentlemen of only the highest caliber and value quality engagements over quantity. I will be beautiful, dressed impeccably, and well-groomed each time we connect, and I’ll appreciate being able to expect the same from you.

  • I appreciate you handling my consideration within the initial few moments of our date or prior to our date. Please do not ever make me ask for my consideration.

  • Dates in the 3hr+ time frame require time in a public setting. Drinks, small bites, an outing. Clients with genuine discretion concerns may get in touch for alternative options.

  • I appreciate you not taking photos/videos of me without my consent during our date.

  • I appreciate you being able to drink responsibly during our date.

  • I appreciate you keeping all ‘information’ that is shared during our time together confidential, just as I will. (Yes, I am NDA friendly for privacy concerned clients)

  • I require an advance deposit of 50% for encounters 3+ hours

  • I appreciate you giving me a minimum of 48 hours notice should you need to cancel our date or holding yourself accountable to compensate my cancellation fee which is 50% of consideration for the appointment booked should you not be able to provide 48 hours notice.(this is specific to dates 3 hours or more)

  • To keep our time together fun & light-hearted, please avoid asking:  "What is your real name?" "Do you offer X (explicit service)?' "How many clients do you see per day/per week/per year?" "So... busy day today?" "What was your worst experience/client doing this?" "Will you go to dinner/coffee/lunch/vacation 'off the clock' since we get along so well?"

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