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My Philosophy

Initially you'll be drawn to me by my photos but here are a few things they don’t show.  I am a free spirited lingerie lover with a choose-your-own adventure attitude.  I thank meditation,and high intensity workouts for my intimate connection with the world, amazing body & open mind. I would like to take the time to know you and what you enjoy so that I can emerge myself into a world built for you.


     I understand that you seek more than a superficial connection. Too often we underestimate the power of touch, great conversation, laughter and kindness. What you seek only an elite few provide. You want a woman you lose yourself with, without worry. Someone that can bring out that uninhibited person you long to be even for an evening or weekend.


      I genuinely enjoy meeting new people.  I enjoy a rainbow of things from rodeos, state fairs, comedy shows, to fine dining, operas, traveling and long luxurious weekends. I have a clever sense of humor and the ability to segue myself from one atmosphere to another with the same lust for life and laughter as the last adventure. I will show you another side of yourself you never thought exist. 


      My hope is to create a discreet friendship, where we connect on many different levels.  Come spend some time in my world. Where pleasure ends pain and seduction comes first. 

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